Advanced Quick Resolution Changing

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Runs On
Windows 7
(64-bit + 32-bit)
Windows 2008
(64-bit + 32-bit)
Windows Vista
(64-bit + 32-bit)
Windows 2003
(64-bit + 32-bit)
Windows XP
(64-bit + 32-bit)
Windows 2000Y
Windows NT4N
Windows Me, 98, 95N

Quick & Easy

Just one click to open the tray icon menu and one more to select the desired display settings. With that second click, the resolution, color depth and refresh rate are all changed at once.  (See It)

Plus, once you confirm that a display mode is compatible with your computer, UIFriend will remember and not ask about it again.

That makes for two clicks and a couple of seconds to change the display settings. Changing your display settings has never been so easy.

Totally Customizable

Only ever use two different sets of display settings? No Problem! Forget about wasting time looking through dozens of display settings to find the display mode you're looking for. UIFriend's customization ability means you can setup the menu to only contain the display modes that you actually use.  (See It)

Multiple Monitor Support

UIFriend was designed from the ground up with multiple monitor support in mind. For each extra display, UIFriend adds an extra icon to the system tray that can be customized and accessed independant of one another.  (See It)

Plays Nice With Your Desktop Icons

One of the biggest problems involved with changing the display settings is that your desktop icons tend to get moved around when you lower the screen resolution. With UIFriend, that doesn't happen. UIFriend's Intelligent Desktop Icon Layout Protection ensures that your desktop icon layout is safe and sound, not only when UIFriend changes the display settings, but when other programs do as well.

More Features

Intelligent Desktop Icon Layout Protection

Rest easy knowing that intelligent, behind-the-scenes protection is in place to ensure that your carefully constructed icon layout is safe and sound.

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Desktop

With smoother drawing, reduced flicker and improved aesthetics, your desktop will be more inviting and warmer than ever.

Multiple User Display Setting Management

You like working with the screen resolution at 1280x960, but another user prefers 1024x768? No problem! UIFriend's Display Setting Management feature makes arguing over display settings a thing of the past.

Enhance the Power of Your Screen Saver

Round out your screen saver's abilities with auto-restart of accidentally stopped screen savers, automatic sound muting, and the ability to start the screen saver whenever you want.