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Windows Me, 98, 95N

Smoother Desktop Drawing

When you view your desktop, you might notice a slight flicker when it's drawn. If you've got the Active Desktop on, you'll probably notice an even more pronounced flicker.

That's because it takes several steps to draw the desktop and all of them are drawn directly to the screen on top of one another. Drawing like that leads to flicker which can cause eye strain.

Say 'hello' to smoother desktop drawing with UIFriend. UIFriend's double buffering system causes the desktop to first draw into an off-screen buffer. Then after the final result is ready, it is copied to your screen.

The result is smoother drawing and reduced flicker that your eyes will thank you for.

Transparent Icon Text Backgrounds

If you've got unsightly blocks of color around the text of your desktop icons, UIFriend can help. UIFriend will turn those blocks of color transparent, allowing the beauty and aesthetics of your wallpaper to shine through.  (See It)

UIFriend's efficiency means there's a minimum effect on system performance. If the desktop is idle, then UIFriend isn't wasting system resources providing this feature.

Choose Your Icon Text Color

Tired of plain old black or white icon text? Spruce up your desktop icons with UIFriend and change your icon text to any one of the millions of colors your computer can display.

More Features

Advanced Quick Resolution Changing

Quick, easy and fully customizable. Changing your display settings has never been so easy.

Intelligent Desktop Icon Layout Protection

Rest easy knowing that intelligent, behind-the-scenes protection is in place to ensure that your carefully constructed icon layout is safe and sound.

Multiple User Display Setting Management

You like working with the screen resolution at 1280x960, but another user prefers 1024x768? No problem! UIFriend's Display Setting Management feature makes arguing over display settings a thing of the past.

Enhance the Power of Your Screen Saver

Round out your screen saver's abilities with auto-restart of accidentally stopped screen savers, automatic sound muting, and the ability to start the screen saver whenever you want.