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UIFriend In Action - Customizing the Display Mode Menu

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Modern video cards offer hundreds of display modes, most of which you'll never use. With UIFriend, it's easy to customize the menu so that it contains the display modes you actually use. To see how easy it is, take a look at this example.

Start by opening the UIFriend Options by right-clicking on the UIFriend icon in the system tray and selecting the "Options" item from the menu.

Then, change to the Display Modes section.

The list of display modes that are currently included in the UIFriend menu will be displayed.

This particular setup only has three display modes. Let's add some more. To do that, click the Add button to bring up the complete list of available display modes.

As you can see, this computer supports a lot of display modes, so let's use the filters to narrow down the list.

Set the Refresh Rate filter to "75 Hz" and the Aspect Ratio filter to "4:3". (Note that while these numbers apply to the current example, the best numbers for your computer may differ.)

Now, we have a list of display modes containg the ones we want. Let's select them all, except for the ones that are 256 colors. Then click the OK button.

Now, we've been returned back to the main options dialog and can see that the new display modes have been added to the list.

There's just one more thing we'd like to do. In this particular example, we're using a monitor in which the 800x600 display modes work best with a refresh rate of 85Hz. So let's change those modes.

First, click the header named Screen Size to sort the list by resolution. Note that because the Auto Arrange option is on, this sorting will not effect the final order of the display modes in the UIFriend menu.

Next, select all of the display modes that have a screen size of "800x600" and click the Properties button. This will allow us to edit the properties of all three display modes at the same time.

Now, simply set the Refresh Rate to "85Hz" and click the OK button.

Once again, we've been returned to the main options dialog. To finish up, click the OK button.

Now, when we take a look at the UIFriend menu, we see that the new display modes have been added and are ready to be used.

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