Multiple User Display Setting Management

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Multiple Users, Multiple Display Settings

When it comes to display settings, no one set works best for everyone. Perhaps you like the crisp sharpness of a 1280x960 resolution, but someone else who uses the computer has trouble reading the text when the resolution is higher than 1024x768.

When two users with different needs like that share the computer, either you compromise and pick a display mode that everyone will use or waste a lot of time changing the display settings.

UIFriend makes it simple for multiple users who prefer different display settings to share a computer. You set your preferred settings, other users set theirs and UIFriend handles the rest.

When you use the computer, UIFriend applies your preferred display settings. When someone else uses the computer, his or her prefered settings are applied. It's just that easy.

With UIFriend, you'll spend less time changing display settings and more time using the computer.

Fast User Switching Support

With UIFriend, your preferred display settings are also restored when you continue using a session via fast user switching.

Multiple Monitor Support

UIFriend's multiple monitor support allows each user to specify his or her preferred display settings for each display connected to the computer.

Complete Flexibility

With UIFriend you may specify an exact display mode that you prefer (like 'True Color (32 Bit) - 1280x960 @ 85Hz') or you may instruct UIFriend to simply restore the display settings to what they were the last time you used the computer.

Also, UIFriend allows you to specify separate settings for when you first use the computer and when you continue a session via fast user switching. That makes it easy to tell UIFriend that you want to apply a specific display mode when you first start using the computer, but to return to the most recent settings when you continue a session via fast user switching.

More Features

Advanced Quick Resolution Changing

Quick, easy and fully customizable. Changing your display settings has never been so easy.

Intelligent Desktop Icon Layout Protection

Rest easy knowing that intelligent, behind-the-scenes protection is in place to ensure that your carefully constructed icon layout is safe and sound.

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Desktop

With smoother drawing, reduced flicker and improved aesthetics, your desktop will be more inviting and warmer than ever.

Enhance the Power of Your Screen Saver

Round out your screen saver's abilities with auto-restart of accidentally stopped screen savers, automatic sound muting, and the ability to start the screen saver whenever you want.