Intelligent Desktop Icon Layout Protection

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Never Worry About Your Desktop Icon Layout Again

Your desktop icon layout is very fragile thing. Time and effort spent creating the perfect desktop layout can turn into frustration when your icons become squished into an unrecognizable mess in the corner of your desktop

Get UIFriend and rest easy knowing that your desktop icon layout is safe and sound. Should your layout be lost, UIFriend will help you restore your icons to their rightful and proper positions in a snap.  (See It)

A Comprehensive Backup

UIFriend's desktop layout protection works by backing up your icon layout periodically to preserve a detailed history. Should something terrible happen, you'll have backups going back days, weeks or even months.

Multiple Resolution Friendly

UIFriend keeps desktop icon layout backups that were created at different screen resolutions totally separate from one another. This means that you can change the resolution without fear of UIFriend saving an incorrect desktop layout into the backup collection. In fact, with UIFriend, feel free to create a desktop layout that is optimized for each resolution you use.

Intelligent Background Automation

UIFriend implements a sophisticated, behind-the-scenes backup and restore system that handles the most common cases when your icon layout is likely to be compromised. This ensures that you spend more time using your computer and less time managing your desktop icons.

For example, let's look at what happens when the display settings are changed. Just before the display settings actually change, if the size of the desktop is about to change, UIFriend backs up the positions of the desktop icons adding a new layout to the backup collection. Then right after the display settings change, UIFriend automatically restores the desktop icons to the correct positions applicable to the new size of the desktop.

UIFriend's automatic backup saving is smart, too. Before creating a new automatic backup, UIFriend takes a look to see if any of your icons have actually moved since the most recent backup was made. If nothing has changed, UIFriend skips the backup so that the backup collection contains a set of highly relevant and unique desktop icon layouts.

Full Compatibility With Windows XP

The Align To Grid feature introduced by Windows XP works to ensure that no two icons overlap. If you try to use a program to backup and restore your desktop icons that is not compatible with this feature, your icons often end up randomly offset from where they should actually be. With UIFriend, there's no problem as it is is fully compatible with XP's Align To Grid feature.

Complete Flexibility

While UIFriend offers top notch protection of your desktop icon layout, it also offers flexibility for advanced users.

UIFriend's export feature allows you to save a desktop layout to a file on your computer for later import. You control where the layouts are stored, how they are named and when they are deleted.

Perhaps you have two or three very different layouts that you'd like to periodically switch between. Or maybe you've got two computers with the same desktop icons and you'd like to transfer the icon layout from one to the other. Whatever the case, with UIFriend's import and export features, the control is all in your hands.

More Features

Advanced Quick Resolution Changing

Quick, easy and fully customizable. Changing your display settings has never been so easy.

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Desktop

With smoother drawing, reduced flicker and improved aesthetics, your desktop will be more inviting and warmer than ever.

Multiple User Display Setting Management

You like working with the screen resolution at 1280x960, but another user prefers 1024x768? No problem! UIFriend's Display Setting Management feature makes arguing over display settings a thing of the past.

Enhance the Power of Your Screen Saver

Round out your screen saver's abilities with auto-restart of accidentally stopped screen savers, automatic sound muting, and the ability to start the screen saver whenever you want.