Enhance the Power of Your Screen Saver

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Start the Screen Saver Whenever You Want

Ever leave the computer for hours only to come back and find that for some reason the screen saver never started?

Or maybe you have mischievous co-workers just waiting for you to leave your station.

Whatever the reason, UIFriend makes it simple to start the screen saver whenever you want with the click of a menu, a tap of a few keyboard keys or a double-click on the tray icon.  (See It)

Automatic Sound Muting

If the screen saver is running, that's because you're not using the computer. If you work in a busy office, perhaps you'd like to spare your coworkers the sounds of incoming messages while you're away at lunch. Or if the computer is in your bedroom, maybe you'd just like to quiet it down while you're trying to sleep.

UIFriend's automatic sound muting provides a wide range of options to fit your specific needs. It can mute the sound any time the screen saver is running or just during those specific times when you want the computer to be quiet.

Automatic Screen Saver Restart

Maybe you're watching a movie in a dark room. Or perhaps you're trying to sleep. The computer has been sitting peacefully with the screen saver running for some time, but something has bumped the mouse. Now, there is a bright screen projecting into the room asking for your password and it'll 15 minutes until the screen saver starts again.

With UIFriend, that scenerio never happens. If something accidently stops the screen saver and you don't unlock the computer, UIFriend will restart the screen saver for you. You'll be able to go back to your movie or nap with a minimum of fuss.

More Features

Advanced Quick Resolution Changing

Quick, easy and fully customizable. Changing your display settings has never been so easy.

Intelligent Desktop Icon Layout Protection

Rest easy knowing that intelligent, behind-the-scenes protection is in place to ensure that your carefully constructed icon layout is safe and sound.

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Desktop

With smoother drawing, reduced flicker and improved aesthetics, your desktop will be more inviting and warmer than ever.

Multiple User Display Setting Management

You like working with the screen resolution at 1280x960, but another user prefers 1024x768? No problem! UIFriend's Display Setting Management feature makes arguing over display settings a thing of the past.